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In 1972, the News Writing Department was set up in the School of Chinese Language and Literature. Then the Department of Journalism was founded in 1977. In 1978, the Department of Journalism reunited with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

Significant development of journalism and communication education has taken place during this period. Therefore in 1986, the Department of Journalism acquired the permission of master degree admission, which was one of the only five journalism master degree programs in China. In June 2002, the Department of Journalism and the Department of Chinese Language & Literature were united as the School of Literacy & Communication, and the Masters of Communication was added later in September. In March 2008, the School of Journalism & Communication was founded.

The School of Journalism and Communication of Guangxi University consists of the Institute of News Media, the ASEAN Institute of Media, Radio and Television, and the experimental teaching centers in the College of Journalism. The experimental teaching centers cover an area of 1,800 square meters, including the studios for photography, audio-visual operations, and digital post-production room which The School has invested CNY5.2 million on teaching and research equipment, 50,000 volumes of books, and more than 20 kinds of professional journals. There are 10 practical training bases in the School and other facilities,such as Guangxi Daily, Southern China Morning Post, Guangxi TV. The journalism major was selected as a domestic major in 2007 and the quality of teaching and research is constantly improving.

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  • School of Journalism and Communication

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100 East Daxue Road, Nanning

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Liu Hong 刘洪

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  • Shang Nahong 商娜红

Program Faculty

Li Qinglin 李庆林, Huang Bichun, Wu Haoxin 吴灏鑫, Li Nianping 李念平, Tang Fangwen 唐方文, Huang Haizhu 黄海珠, Xing Yongchuan 邢永川, Duan Songshuang 段送爽

The School of Journalism and Communication in Guangxi University has 42 existing in-service faculty within whom 34 are full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 7 PhDs, 2 PhD candidates, 12 Masters. The PhDs were all graduated from top ranked universities, such as Fudan University, Renmin University, etc. PhDs exceed 20% of the lecturers; 80% fulltime lecturers who have master degrees are under the age of 35. Part-time lecturers are all well-known experts in relevant fields.

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Journalism and Communication contains three undergraduate majors: Broadcast Journalism, Radio and Television Journalism, and Advertising.

Graduate Programs

The postgraduate program includes 2 different majors: Journalism and Communication. The Journalism masters program includes 3 research directions: journalism theory & history, news services, and radio & television news. The Communication masters program includes mass communication & society, the culture industry, and media convergence.
Running for over 30 years, the school has awarded more than 6,000 master/bachelor degrees (further education degrees included).

Many of our graduates are leaders of their communities and go on to play important roles in government, non-government organizations and media corporations. The school currently has 593 undergraduates and 158 postgraduate students, 470 continuing education students.