September 2012 to Present

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To provide a space to create a community and interactions that allow Chinese audiences to better understand the United States, its culture, society, government, language, law, economic system, and values

InfoUSA@NENU is USCET's second American Cultural Center supported by the US Embassy in Beijing.  The Center consists of a Reading Room with valuable resources on the US, and a year-long series of programming to broaden access to US experts. The Reading Room was unveiled on December 7, 2012.

USCET has partnered with Northeast Normal University on many projects, including two American Studies Network Conferences and a faculty training program, and is looking forward to ongoing cooperation to strengthen understanding of the US in China.

InfoUSA@NENU is modeled after our first American Cultural Center at Beijing Foreign Studies University, called InfoUSA@BFSU.  InfoUSA @BFSU has hosted many successful events featuring annual American Week, the Journalist-in-Residence program, an American Film Series, and an Asian American Authors Series. The Reading Room is full of valuable resources to discover more about the US.  Located on BFSU's campus, it is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  InfoUSA@NENU will follow in these footsteps by featuring expert speakers and providing critical resources for a deeper understanding about the US.

Click here to read more about programs that we have held at InfoUSA@NENU.

For more resources on American Studies and the USA, please visit our resources page.


New images from USCET's May 2013 trip to InfoUSA@NENU




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