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Program Description

American Study is an important part of the M.A. program for English majors in the School of Foreign Languages in Wenzhou University, with its focus on African-American culture and American literature. The school aims to become one of the centers of African-American Studies in China and desires to strengthen academic exchange and cooperation with other institutes and colleges both at home and abroad.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • School of Foreign Languages

School Address

Room 503, Building 12, Section C, Wenzhou University
325035  Wenzhou  Zhejiang

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Huang Weifeng 黄卫峰

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Program Director(s)

  • Huang Weifeng 黄卫峰

Program Faculty

Li Xinde 李新德, Ji Cuiping 纪翠萍, Xu Qing 许青, Dong Shuming 董淑铭, Hao Linxiao 郝林晓, Yang Yuanwei 杨远威

Graduate Courses

American Culture, African American Culture, African- American Literature, Society and Culture of America, American Literature, American History, Selected Readings of American Newspapers and Magazines.